The 30-Second Scorecard

Put Your Business on Autopilot

Are you frustrated that your business seems stuck and won’t grow no matter what you do? Do you feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business? Are you constantly over-worked and over-stressed?

Effective systems elevate your business to new success levels, aligns responsibilities, and turns your long working hours into short productive hours. The 30-Second Scorecard™ tool is critical for monitoring the systems and keeping your finger on the pulse of your business. This book discusses the systems that are critical to any business, shows you how to create and implement an effective system, and how to attach a scorecard that allows you to make the right decision in seconds. In this book you’ll:

  • Understand the why behind strategic systems and scorecards
  • Learn step by step how to build systems
  • Learn the important components in your scorecards
  • Create your playfield to understand the flow of your systems
  • Identify exactly where your priorities should be
  • Evaluate activities to be sure you’re not over-paying
  • Find additional revenue with little to no cost to you
  • Find hidden cash in your business
  • Get a FREE “Action Steps” guide
  • Get FREE templates and examples